Arpi Bekaryan

I am an independent journalist and video maker based in Yerevan, Armenia. I got my bachelor degree in law faculty of French University in Armenia. While still studying law, I started working as a video journalist in a morning show broadcaster on Shant TV and as a freelance journalist in “Aravot” newspaper. I have got my Master's Degree in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).  

This portfolio includes stories both from Georgia and Armenia, done and published during the studies in GIPA. The main Ideas within all the stories are human rights and the conflicts - both internal and external ones, that we have within ourselves, others and the world.

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Diaspora Finding Its Role in Armenia Revolution

With more than eight million Armenians living outside its borders compared to about three million living inside the country, Armenia is one the few nations that even has a Ministry of Diaspora. But the involvement of diaspora to the internal problems has always been a huge conflict. Some argue that Armenia is stable due to the diaspora, while others insist that Armenia’s problems can be solved only by the people currently living in the country.

Armenian citizens flying from Georgia: incomparable prices and high hopes

Armen Avagyan, a 27 year old engineer, is a citizen of Armenia, who is living in Yerevan and defines himself as a traveler. He started travelling from 2015. So far he has been in 10 countries and dozens of cities. As he told, he has now another planned journey, during which he is going to visit 5 countries. His friends come to him for any advice concerning travelling. But what is surprising, Avagyan had never had a flight from Armenia. “The cheapest airplane tickets from Yerevan are almost equal

Living without water in an Armenian village | Our Habitat

The residents of Tlik have simple dreams - access to water, for a start. The 100 inhabitants of this small village on the border with Turkey, in western Armenia, have not seen a drop of fresh water since 1993 and depend on a pump and bottled water - which they pay for. It was not always the case: Tlik was connected to the water system during Soviet times, but one day the water stopped flowing and never returned. The infrastructure is long gone and calls to authorities at any level have fallen o

A two-story fall becomes a murder case

When the tragedy happened, the couple was alone in a fancy two-story house located in the newly developed G1 district of Yerevan. Arshak Arshakyan and Haykanush Keyvanyan had been married since 2010. They had two children – twin boys, who are now 8 years old. Haykanush Keyvanyan was unconscious when she was taken by ambulance to a hospital at 18:30 on March 3, 2017. According to the Armenian government’s Judicial Information System, the couple had been fighting since 14:00, when Haykanush Keyv

Waiting for peace

Anush Hambardzumova and her family left Baku and had to move to Armenia in 1988, after the events in Sumgait. Hambardzumova recalls that it was not easy in the beginning, some people were not treating them well, however she could overcome the difficulties with the help of locals, who made her love Armenia. Following years the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan grew to an armed conflict which lasted for 4 years and caused displacement of over 1 million people in total from both countries.

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